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Balu Mahendra's dreams 'no more'

Balu Mahendra, the legend, started a school called 'Cinema Pattarai' to teach the various aspects of filmmaking in Saligramam, Chennai, where many of his students got trained to work and love the creative art.

Sadly, the building which housed 'Cinema Pattarai' appears to be closed now. The board that had its name in the legend’s handwriting is also missing.

Some of his students whose habit was to visit the school on every Vijayadasami Day were shocked and saddened to find no sign of the school.

On condition of anonymity, one of the students said, “When our Vaadhyar himself is not there, what can one say about the building”.

It sure would be nice if Balu Mahendra’s dreams are revived and the building starts breathing life once again.